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Scrikss Pen company, founded in 1963, has pens for almost every level and purpose, from an awarded pen to piston filling resin pens 

The 419 pen is a piston filling pen and one of the most popular models, Heritage models are premium pens and received an award in 2016. There are multifunction pens called Trio 93 and you can check Noble 35 and Honor 38 for popular personalized pen sets, which are also ideal for both personal use and gifting. 

Personalized pens are available on every lacquered pen of Scrkss; ideal gifting ideas for both corporate gifts and personal gifts.

Scrikss Heritage.jpg
scrikss 419.jpg
scrikss 35.jpg
scrikss 38.jpg
scrikss 88 knight.jpg
scrikss 93 trio.jpg
scrikss 83 trio sport.png
scrikss 62 ballpoint pen.png
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